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At Jon's Bridal our selection of wedding gowns changes daily, PLEASE read the "About" page for more detail. Go to our Bride Photos page to see some of our brides showing some of our beautiful dresses, but remember we probably don't have these exact gowns anymore BUT, we have similar styles and so many new gowns that we guarantee you will love your visit to Jon's Bridal.

  • Jon's Bridal carries OVER 1,200 GOWNS in stock and ready to take home.
  • We are the LARGEST bridal store in the entire State of Florida.
  • You will see gowns at Jons that you won't see ANYWHERE else.
  • Our wedding gown styles and inventory changes EVERY WEEK (sometimes every day).
  • At Jons you and your personal certified bridal fashion consultant will go through the racks together to review, discuss and choose the wedding gowns. You will be able to SEE EVERYGOWN Jons has to offer in every size.

At Jon's we have so many gowns we have full time employees who's only job is unpacking wedding gowns!

Instead of buying one dress at a time off a sample like the boutiques do, at Jon's we buy hundreds at a time from each designer, which entitles us to large discounts that we are able to pass on. In retail this is known as “volume discounting”.

At Jons we have as many as thirty different famous designers from around the world represented AND the majority are the designers “confined lines” which are dresses that aren't advertised and not found on-line.

The BIG difference between Jon's and chain stores is that they have “fixed styles for the season”. This means that for the most part their dress styles don't change during the year. At Jon's Bridal we don't have “fixed styles”. Our wedding gown styles and inventory changes every week (sometimes every day). In the clothing industry this is referred to as a “warehouse operation” like a TJ Max store. The benefit to you is that if you don't find the gown of your dreams on your first visit, just come back in two weeks and you WILL see new and different wedding gowns in your size.

  • Are you an Encore bride, having a 2nd wedding or re-affirming your vows?
  • Having a beach or destination wedding?
  • Are you a pregnant bride, full figured or Plus sized?
No problem! A Jon's Bridal we have a dress that is perfect for you.

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CAN I GET A CATALOG OF THE WEDDING GOWNS YOU CARRY? Sorry, it's impossible for Jon's Bridal to publish a catalog. This is because our styles and the wedding gowns we have available change daily. Most other bridal stores carry the same styles for an entire season or longer so it's easy for them to publish a catalog. At Jon's we unpack so many new wedding gowns every day that they change so often that by the time we post pictures we have a whole new set of gowns. A gown that is in the store today will probably not be here in a week.


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